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Powerful yet beautiful, daring yet graceful: Unique contemporary jewellery designs inspired by the jaguar

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The jaguar is a stunning feline. The opportunistic predator stalks and ambushes its prey. It is at the top of its food chain and the third largest feline, falling only behind the tiger and the lion. Its bite is extremely powerful and its killing method is unique, biting directly through the skull of its prey. Yet, it’s an animal boasting complete grace and beauty, a sheer site to behold. Beautiful but successful, graceful yet powerful… The perfect contrast.
It’s the way women today want to feel – pretty but daring and empowered. It’s for this reason, and the special place of the jaguar in Peruvian culture, that we’ve based a contemporary jewellery collection entirely on the impressive animal. Our unique designs take inspiration from the jaguar, creating a strong and bold fine jewellery collection, which completely transforms the wearer. But, more about that later…



The jaguar: A symbol of strength in ancient Peruvian culture

When you think of the qualities a jaguar holds, it’s hardly surprising that this cat has been a symbol of power and success for many, many years now. It’s also featured prominently in the mythology of various cultures, with Peruvian culture being a prime example.
In early Chavin culture, from 900 BC to 200 BC, the jaguar was revered as a god and worshipped as a symbol of power and strength. It is astonishing to think that over five thousand years ago, the people of the Chavin civilisation of the Andes were carving stone jaguars. In fact, the Temple of Chavin was actually designed after the roaring and sacred feline.

The Moche culture, from 100 AD to 800 AD, had a great association with the Jaguar. It was used heavily in Peruvian art throughout this period, as a symbol of strength in their ceramics. To them, felines encapsulated the dual aspects of protector and attacker. A lot of the Moche ceramics featured images of bound prisoners being attacked by the jaguar, showcasing the feline’s unique killing style. In the tombs of the elite, jewellery, textiles and other adornments were filled with feline imagery. The jaguar was associated with political, religious and military leaders. In fact, Lord of Sipán – a Moche ruler, was buried with objects that were emblazoned with numerous jaguar motifs. The animal represented power and strength. In fact, in mythology it was seen as the creature that gave them power over fire.
The worship of the jaguar never dwindled, even in the Inca Empire, from 1438 AD to 1533 AD, the feline was respected. It was seen as a spirit of the night and identified with the god Viracocha, the Creator God.

Feel strong, empowered and daring with our Jaguar Peruvian jewellery collection





It was only right for us to create a Soluna jewellery collection based on the jaguar. Not only does this animal play a key role in Peruvian culture, but it symbolises traits every women wants to feel… beautiful, strong, empowered, in control, daring and ready to take on the world. Our silver and gold jewellery from this collection has been created with this unique design inspiration in mind. We use the jaguar’s deep spiritual meaning in Peruvian culture and striking characteristics and we mix it with a contemporary London design edge to create a collection that’s full of meaning and full of beauty. This is the type of jewellery that will not only transform the way you look, but undoubtedly the way you feel too.




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