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SOLUNA Debut Peruvian Jewellery Collections

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‘Differentiate Yourself – Wear SOLUNA Jewellery’




(London, United Kingdom, 2nd March 2015) – SOLUNA (www.soluna-jewellery.com) are delighted to announce the launch of four exclusive jewellery collections. ‘The Sun’, ‘Gold Coins’, ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Inca Cross’ will be exhibited at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show (4-8th March).
SOLUNA is an international Peruvian jewellery company that is based in London. British-Peruvian Miguel Depaz founded the company. Their unique designs celebrate Peruvian culture and represent exquisite quality. They state: ‘Our mission is to make you stand out by celebrating Peru’s heritage through modern and fine jewellery. Our vision is to create an international and original brand that combines fresh designs from Britain with exceptional metals and ‘savior faire’ from Peru.’
The four new collections SOLUNA will be debuting at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show are inspired by Peruvian heritage. All boast a beautiful story and history. Nevertheless, the company have brought this culture to life in a contemporary manner, creating jewellery that is different from anything else on the market, yet wearable and modern at the same time.
‘The Sun’ collection features nine pieces of both gold and silver jewellery, including earrings, necklaces and rings. Ancient Peruvian cultures considered The Sun the most important god and the emperor would wear the finest gold to celebrate the sun and distinguish himself from common people. This is where the inspiration for this collection has come from.
‘Gold Coins’ collection is an elegant and exclusive range of three jewellery pieces. It’s inspiration comes from the introduction of the coins system in Peruvian society more than 500 years ago, which allowed people to trade and show social status.
‘Mosaic’ is a range of twelve colourful and patterned jewellery pieces, which feature intricate and detailed designs. It also celebrates other elements of Peruvian culture, with the ‘Inca Sun and Moon Bracelet’ paying homage to two vital gods whilst also celebrating one of the most traditional Peruvian craft forms – mosaic. SOLUNA have taken the tradition of combining natural stones and silver and have refined it to suit today’s tastes.
Finally, ‘Inca Cross’ is a small collection of delicate yet striking pieces of jewellery that is based on one of the most important and enduring symbolisms from the Inca civilisation. It represents how the Incas believed in three levels of existence – the underworld, the middle world and the upper world.
If you would like to discover more about the collection, please navigate to www.soluna-jewellery.com. SOLUNA will be showcasing all four new exclusive collections at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Booth 3C E34, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, between March 4th and 8th. For queries, please contact Soluna on +44 208 787 5777 or email sales@soluna-jewellery.com.

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