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Company Overview

Based in London, SOLUNA is an international and dynamic company that offers fine Peruvian jewellery featuring exceptional quality, innovative designs and delivered with impeccable service.

The founder of SOLUNA, a British-Peruvian citizen, aims to offer you outstanding creations which combine the best of both worlds. In addition to our unique designs, great quality is key to us that is why we insist that our metals are sourced in Peru and that our pieces of jewellery are handmade by skilful masters celebrating a skill that has been passed on through thousands of years. Followed by an international quality assessment on all our products, you can be sure that our jewellery are genuine and will meet your quality expectations. Finally, we provide you the convenience to get an international branded jewellery delivered to your home wherever you are.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to make you stand out by celebrating Peru’s heritage through modern and fine jewellery. Our vision is to create an international and original brand that combines fresh designs from Britain with exceptional metals and “savoir faire” from Peru. By combining best of both worlds we aim to make you feel empowered and sophisticated every day. Our Motto: Differentiate yourself – Wear Soluna Jewellery.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Soluna jewellery we care about our social impact of the business, which is why our business partner in Peru produces our jewellery with the highest ethical standards and environmental-friendly policies.

Being the leader and oldest Peruvian jewellery company, our business partner pays special attention to the people who work in it. By providing life insurance, health checks, fair wages and development programs for their employees. Their products are “eco-friendly” because all the raw materials as well as the different production processes have been planned and supervised to have minimal impact on the environment, thus they have become the first South American jewellery factory which assumes a commitment to the environment.

Our Services

We value our clientele and recognise the importance of personalised service, which is why all our products will come with the premium services (described in details in the premium section).
We also offer engraving services (for additional fees) and the possibility to create bespoke jewellery which allows you to be part of the whole creative process.


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